Steinbauer Engineering

Product Overview

All accessory electronics delivered by STEINBAUER are based on a single principle: 100% independence of the hardware module from the vehicle’s own control electronics (ECU) by means of an original STEINBAUER plug connection.

STEINBAUER has been developing, manufacturing and distributing additional performance electronics for over 15 years. Every product in the STEINBAUER range has been developed and produced in-house. There is no substitute for quality.


To assist in the prevention of mis-identification of STEINBAUER products a with products of inferior quality or products produced by other manufacturers and distributers, STEINBAUER Engineering is a registered trademark.

Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption of any vehicle is mainly influenced by the style of driving. If a tuned car is driven “hard“, then a slight increase in fuel consumption is to be expected. If the car is driven like before the tuning was installed and the higher performance is used for acceleration and overtaking, fuel consumption remains almost original, under certain circumstances consumption may even decrease.

Additionally the use of special air filters can lead to reduced fuel consumption due to higher air mass and therefore more efficient combustion of the fuel.

In Agricultural Machinery reduced fuel consumption is achieved by the increase in performance and being able to work more efficiently, ie. ploughing or harvesting more acres per hour. This in turn reduces overall work hours and saves fuel.

TÜV approval

Engine tuning or modification may result in the expiration of the vehicle’s registration or license to operate on public roads. Before installing an engine performance upgrade, please always check the applicable legal and official regulations for your state/country. It is your responsibility to verify the regulations in the state/country where the vehicle is licensed to operate. STEINBAUER is unable to provide direction or assistance in the application or approval. Some local car importers and/or dealers may have national approvals for your country available that are based on parts approvals provided by STEINBAUER. If the STEINBAUER product you have purchased has a TÜV Austria certificate, this will be provided to you at time of purchase. With this certificate the vehicle owner can then register the conversion with the responsible department in their state/country. STEINBAUER accepts no responsibility or liability expressed or otherwise regarding the approval of any and all aftermarket products manufactured by STEINBAUER. Approval is at the sole discretion of the responsible government authority in the operating state/country.

Important notes

We recommend that you verify with your insurance company first, before installing a performance upgrade and to ask about possible insurance premium increases. The installation of additional electronics for performance enhancement without correction of the registration papers in passenger cars, trucks as well as agricultural machinery, may lead to the expiry or alteration of the operating license. This in turn can lead to the loss of insurance and liability coverage, when used on public roads. In some countries, an unapproved or unregistered performance enhancement measure may also be punished and penalized as part of tax evasion.

Manufacturer's warranty

Most warranty conditions of vehicle manufacturers contain clauses according to which the warranty against the manufacturer expires, if damage is due to parts that have been installed in the vehicle, and its use has not been approved by the manufacturer. It may be assumed, that the installation of additional electronics for performance enhancement may void the manufacturer's warranty in the event of damage to the engine, transmission and, if applicable, other components of the drivetrain that are related to aftermarket tuning. We recommend obtaining information in advance from an authorized dealer of the brand in question. Some countries may have aftermarket product consumer protection, (such as Magnuson & Moss Act in United States of America), it is the customers responsibility to verify any such regulations in their own state/country.

Legal Disclaimer

The above information is provided for non-binding and general information purposes only, they do not constitute legally binding advice. Any and all information offered here is provided without any guarantee of correctness, actuality, completeness and verification of local laws and/or requirements. This is intended as a guide only and STEINBAUER accepts no responsibility or liability for incorrect or inaccurate information. Please always inform yourself about the currently valid regulations, laws and guidelines that apply to your state/country.


At STEINBAUER we always apply the utmost care and quality standards at in-house development and manufacture of our products. With over 20 years of experience in the industry and a worldwide distribution network, our products have been tested under a wide variety of climatic and environmental conditions. STEINBAUER warrants to the first retail purchaser that if used in a manner consistent with STEINBAUER’s safety, operating and other instructions, the STEINBAUER manufactured product purchased will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase or initial installation (whichever is earlier). A defect is a condition not covered by the exclusions below that renders the Product inoperable. The one (1) period will be extended for an additional two (2) years (for a total of a 3-year Limited Warranty period) if you register online via our website at after purchase.

Warranty Exclusions

The Warranty does not cover deterioration of paint, other coating on the product or any other condition due to normal wear and tear. The Limited Warranty does not cover damage caused by or affects off: (a) improper installation, (b) misapplication, alteration from the original design, or an application or use different from the one for which it was designed according to STEINBAUER‘s published technical and promotional materials, (c) abuse, neglect, or negligence, (d) lack of proper maintenance, (e) unauthorized or improper repair or alteration, or (f) an act of God, terrorism or vandalism. The Warranty does not cover any mechanical or electrical damage or maintenance charges for the engine, gearbox, drive train or any other mechanical or electrical components on the vehicle on which it is installed

Does the power enhancement have a negative impact on the engine?

We take great care to ensure that our performance increases are within the power reserve of engine, gearbox etc. Meaning you can enjoy the improved performance of your car without effecting its longevity and long term reliability.

Are there any changes to the brake or exhaust system necessary?

No, you don’t need to modify the brake or fit a different exhaust system.

Is it possible to install a power module on vehicles with automatic transmissions?

Yes, you can use the STEINBAUER Power Enhancement also for vehicles with automatic transmissions.

Is it possible to “undo” or turn off the tuning?

Yes, it is. Simply unplugging of the STEINBAUER module returns your car to its original specifications. Remember that our power module remains invisible to the vehicle ECU.

Can I switch on and off the STEINBAUER module?

With an optional remote control you can also turn off the STEINBAUER Power Enhancement while you are driving.

Do I need to have my vehicle serviced more often?

The standard service intervals remain unchanged.